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7 guaranteed ways to avoid gaining weight this Christmas

Trying to avoid gaining weight this Christmas? Christmas is only 16 days away and in most parts of Abuja and Nigeria, people have started mentally planning meals to cook or order for upcoming house parties, get-togethers, and other forms of celebrations.

Most people gain a lot of weight during this period due to the availability of tasty delicious foods in most houses. We realized this will be a good time to share some tips that can help you not gain unwanted weight this Christmas

7 Tips…..

  • Drink water frequently: Drinking water frequently can help you feel full and also stops you from falling for fake hunger pangs. Just because your stomach growls a bit doesn’t always mean you are hungry. It might just be a drink of water you need. Carry bottled water wherever you go to drink more.
  • Drink a lot of tea: Stay away from teas filled with lots of sugar. Try healthy teas like green teas and black teas. If possible drink them hot and frequently without sugar and milk.
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Drink tea
  • Wear more tight-fitted outfits: This is funny but true. It’s easier for you to eat more when wearing free clothes, this is why we advise you wear more fitted tops, shirts, dresses and clothing items this period. This makes you more conscious about your gut and can prevent unnecessary eating.
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Wearing tight-fitted outfits can help you avoid unnecessary eating

Find out more tips…

  • Watch out for portion sizes: It’s the Christmas season, after all, enjoy some goodies but watch out for the quantity you eat per time because all this can add up to quick weight gain.
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Eat little portions per time.
  • Sleep early: Did you know sleeping early can prevent unnecessary late-night eating or drinking, so when possible, hit the sheets on time this season.
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Sleep early
  • Cut down visiting trips: Well! Visiting more friends and family this season means more opportunities for binge eating! If you must visit lots of loved ones this season, make sure to learn how not to accept everything served. You can tell them something like ”OH I just ate before coming” to reduce the pressure from them. This can prevent unnecessary weight gain.
  • Be generous: Give give give!! Give out food items, drinks, and snacks to people less privileged during this period. This will help you not overindulge and most importantly you will be impacting lives and filling hungry tummies!

It’s just 19 days away from Christmas, but with these tips, you won’t have to add weight this season. Do you have any other useful tips to avoid gaining weight this Christmas? Thank you

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