Having a healthy relationship with candies and chocolates is important for your mind and your body.  Candies and chocolates like Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidants. Among the most beneficial is a flavonol called epicatechin. Flavonols are compounds found in plants that fight inflammation and protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.

According to hopkinsmedicine.org, these are some of the ways  that dark chocolate can benefit you:

  1. It can increase your heart health. The antioxidants in dark chocolate have been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of clotting and increase blood circulation to your heart, thus lowering the risks of stroke, coronary heart disease, and death from heart disease.
  2. It balances your immune system: Flavonols prevent your immune system from going into overdrive.
  3. It fights diabetes
  4. It improves brain function: Flavonols in dark chocolate have a positive impact on brain function, including better reaction time, visual-spatial awareness, and stronger memory.
  5. Boosts athletic performance: The epicatechin in dark chocolate increases the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which supports circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen an athlete uses while engaged in moderately intense exercise. This allows the athlete to maintain workout intensity for longer.
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