Croaker Fish (1 kilo)

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Fresh Croaker fish (1 kilo) available for delivery. The thought of a hot plate of jollof rice and croaker fish makes me drool. Try this quick recipe to properly spice your fish culled from

Ingredients to spice the croaker fish

• 1 fresh lime
• Salt to taste
• 1 croaker fish
• 1 fresh lemon
• Dry parsley leaves
• Fresh rocket leaves
• Fresh parsley leaves
• 2 Maggi cubes
• 1 teaspoon mixed spices
• 2 teaspoons vegetable oil

  • Descale the croaker fish then wash it properly with hot water to get rid of unwanted smell
    • Place the croaker fish in a clean grilling dish, add all the ingredients into the fish
    • Use hands to rub in the ingredients properly into the fish then drizzle with cooking oil, lemon and lime juice
    • Make three slits on both sides of the fish and ensure that the ingredients are rubbed into the slits as well
    • Cover the fish with a cooking foil, make slits through the foil and place in a pre-heated oven of 150-250 C to grill
    • Allow the fish to grill until properly cooked
    • Once the croaker fish is cooked, bring out from the oven and serve immediately warm.

We can deliver Croaker (1 kilo) to your doorstep.





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