Douwe Egberts Finest Dark Roast Instant Coffee -190g




Douwe Egberts Finest Dark Roast Instant Coffee -190g is a good brand. Did you know there are different types of coffee?

Types of coffee

Coffee beans come from the fruit called coffee cherry. Coffee cherries grow on coffee trees from a genus of plants called Coffea. There are many species of coffee plants, ranging from shrubs to trees.

  • Type of bean: There are two main types of coffee species, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica produces mild, flavored coffee and is the most popular type worldwide. However, it is expensive to grow because the Arabica plant is sensitive to the environment. The Robusta coffee plant is easier to grow. It can also withstand harsh climate changes.
  • Type of roast: Coffee beans start out green. They are roasted at high heat and this produces a chemical change that releases the rich aroma and flavor that you associate with coffee. They are then cooled and ground for brewing. Roasting levels range from light to medium to dark and the lighter the roast, the lighter the color and roasted flavor, and the higher its acidity.

Other types

  • Type of grind: A medium grind is the most common for automatic drip coffee makers. A fine grind is used for deeper flavors like espresso which releases the oils, and a coarse grind is used in coffee presses.
  • Decaffeinated coffee: This method can cause a loss of flavor as most of the caffeine is removed. Did you know at least 97% of the caffeine must be removed to carry the decaffeinated label? 

Delivery locations

We deliver Douwe Egberts Finest Dark Roast Instant Coffee -190g to you anywhere in

  • gwarinpa,
  • wuse
  • katampe
  • dawaki
  • kubwa
  • maitama
  • Central area
  • asokoro
  • apo
  • area 11,
  • durunmi,
  • garki, jayi,
  • Abacha barracks,
  • guzape district,
  • games village,
  • mpape, mabushi,
  • utako,
  • jabi,
  • kado.

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Our riders are here to serve you. Our coverage includes

  • lugbe
  • sunny vale
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