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Emborg French Fries Shoestring 1 kg

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Emborg French Fries Shoestring 1 kg is a tasty brand of french fries. To get yummy golden potato chips you can either deep-fry, shallow-fry, or sauté the frozen French fries.

These are some tips for deep frying your potato chips:

While you cannot truly deep fry your frozen French fries in a pan, you can come pretty close!

Remember to use a deep pan or skillet to ensure that it is deep enough to hold enough oil for deeper frying.
Next, add about three to four inches of oil to your pan and preheat it over medium to high heat. Make sure you heat the oil to around 350°F before adding the fries to the pan.
You’ll want to wait until you notice a faint shimmer and smoke rising from the oil.
Then, carefully drop one French fry into the oil. Is it simmering? If yes, then add the extra fries to the oil. However, avoid adding too many fries at one time; instead, split the portions into two.
Now, wait for the French fries to reach a perfect golden-brown color and crispy texture.
Use a slotted spoon to remove your fries from the oil. Remember to shake off the excess oil or place the French fries into a strainer or onto a paper towel to drain or soak up most of the fat residue.
Lastly, while waiting for the fries to cool down slightly, add your favorite spice or sauce to the crispy French fries and enjoy!


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