Farm Fresh Yoghurt Pineapple 1 L

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Farm Fresh Yoghurt Pineapple 1 L is an absolute delight.

What to know before you buy yogurt

  • Greek-style s yogurt is strained to create a rich, creamy texture. It has twice as much protein as regular yogurt. If you want to manage your weight, try greek yogurt. It has more protein, which can help you feel fuller longer.”
  • Traditional yogurt: Regular yogurt is also a good source of protein and other nutrients. It isn’t as thick as greek-style yogurt.
  • Flavored yogurt: Most flavored yogurts contain a lot of sugar, but the amount varies by brand.
  • Whole-milk yogurt: This extra-creamy option is a good choice for growing babies, toddlers, and children, who need the extra fat for growth and development. It is high in saturated fat, so it may not be the best pick for older kids and adults.
  • Nondairy yogurts: Yogurts made from soy, almond or coconut milk are good options if you have a dairy sensitivity or eat a vegan diet. They can be a good source of protein and heart-healthy fats. However, some are high in sugar, so read labels carefully. Coconut milk yogurt is also high in saturated fat, so watch your portions accordingly.

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