Gold Medal All Purpose Flour 2.26 kg

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Gold Medal All Purpose Flour 2.26 kg is a good brand of flour. From bread to biscuits,  baking is the art of turning flour into tasty food.

If a recipe calls simply for “flour,” it’s calling for all-purpose flour. Milled from a mixture of soft and hard wheat, with a moderate protein content in the 10 to 12 percent range, all-purpose flour is a staple among staples. While not necessarily good for all purposes, it is the most versatile of flours, capable of producing flaky pie crusts, fluffy biscuits and chewy breads. A-P flour is sold bleached or unbleached; the two are largely interchangeable, but it’s always best to match your flour to your recipe.

1. Flour storage shall be cold.

This prevents it from going bad.  Just like your bottle of pressed oil in the pantry can suddenly go rancid, the oils in the flour can, too. Your freezer can be the best place to store flour, since it will prevent any rancidity . If it stays at least  four days in the freezer it will kill any possible pests. If you normally don’t do a lot of baking, or if you have access to a large chest freezer, this is a great way to go.

The fridge is a second great place, but unless you have an extra bonus fridge in your garage or basement, usually that space is at a premium. So if you have loaded in a ton of flour to get you through the current predicament, you’ll need to find a place that is naturally cool, like a cellar, basement, garage, or other place in your home that stays a bit cooler. If where you are is currently cold enough to need your heat on, consider closing the heating vents in the room where you are storing your flour.

You can leave your flour in its original bag, but for long-term storage, it’s best to move it to an air-tight container that can protect against smells (flour will absorb odors) and liquids from the freezer walls. We like this OXO Pop 4.3-quart container. The square sides make storing in your freezer easier, and the large size is big enough for a five-pound bag of flour.


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