Good morning cornflakes 450g




Good morning cornflakes is fortified with nutritional value of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins which are necessary nutrients for day to day activities. Good morning cornflakes is available on AbujaFooddeliverymart.


AbujaFoodDeliveryMart is Abuja’s leading online grocery store. We host a wide selection of provisions, fruits, vegetables, meats, biscuits, chocolates and other daily essential. We take pride in delivering high quality products. Next day delivery available for all orders made. We do not deliver on Sundays. Orders made on Sundays will be delivered to your doorstep on Monday. We have a variety of products ranging from cereals, foreign biscuits and chocolates, milk, milo, sardines, teas, yam, potato, fish, meat, ogbono, egusi, crayfish, ginger, garlic. onions, seasoning cubes, banana, bitter kola, cabbage, dates, coconuts, carrots, grapes, lime, lettuce, green pepper, pawpaw, spinach, tomato, watermelon, indomie, spaghetti, noodles, baking items, Maltesers, Weetabix, soft drinks, rice, vegetable oil, sweet potato, tomato paste, baking soda, baking pan, honey, juice squeezer, grater, glass mixing bowl, kitchen scale, measuring cups, kitchen spatula, rolling pin, round baking pan, tart pans, muffin pan, measuring spoon.

You can order from Monday -Friday on the site. Orders made before 9am on Saturday will be delivered same day. Orders made on Saturday after 10am and on Sundays will be delivered on Monday. No refunds once delivery is made.


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