Hemani Cinnamon Herbal Tea – 40g


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Hemani Cinnamon Herbal Tea – 40g is a good brand.
Read below to see some benefits of drinking tea:Healthy tea can help with Weight ManagementThough the jury is still out, some studies suggest that the caffeine and catechins, a type of polyphenol, in tea may help with weight loss.  Decaffeinated green teas did not appear to produce the same results. Though the research on caffeinated green tea looks promising, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Plus, the results have been minimal – only one to two pounds of additional weight loss. Also of note, research is lacking to support the wide range of herbal tea products advertised for weight loss and these can be harmful depending on their ingredients.
Healthy Tea can help Heart Health

Tea drinkers may be helping to keep their hearts healthy. Some research has shown a reduced risk of heart disease in people who drink green or black tea regularly; although the findings have been mixed in terms of tea’s effect on lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.



The research relating to diabetes is less clear. Some studies suggest that the catechins in green tea may help to keep blood sugar in check, reducing the risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. However, these findings have mainly been based on practices in other countries and not repeated in clinical trials. Researchers are also evaluating if spearmint and chamomile herbal teas have a role to play in preventing diabetes. More research is needed on the amount of tea and type of tea, especially since some of the results have involved tea in the form of a supplement instead of a drink.


Though there is lots of information online about tea as a cancer-fighting beverage, research has not proven that consuming tea helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Some studies suggest that tea drinkers have a lower risk for certain types of cancer, but other studies do not support these findings. At this time, it is unknown if tea drinking can reduce your risk of cancer.


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