STK Royal instant Dry Yeast 500 g

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Try STK Royal instant Dry Yeast 500 g for your next baking adventure.

Yeast is used in baking, cooking, and brewing. Did you know there are different types of yeast? Let’s take a look at them

Active Dry

Before adding to a recipe, this type of yeast requires dissolving in a warm liquid to activate it, unlike instant yeast which is added directly to the recipe ingredients. Active dry yeast should not be exposed to liquids hotter than 110 F (43 C) or else it will kill off the yeast. This yeast is usually sold in 1/4-ounce envelopes or 4-ounce jars (once the jar is open, store it in the refrigerator).

Fresh or Cake

Fresh yeast is sold in compressed or cake form. This type of yeast is highly perishable, so it must be kept refrigerated and used within a couple of weeks of purchase. When using fresh yeast, it is dissolved into a liquid prior to adding it to a recipe.

Fresh yeast should be proofed, or tested for potency, before each use. To proof yeast, dissolve it in warm water and add a pinch of sugar. If the yeast does not begin to foam within 5 to 10 minutes, it is no longer active.


Liquid yeast is basically a slurry of live yeast organisms, flour (or other carbohydrates), and water, similar to a sourdough or bread starter. As long as fresh carbohydrate is added on a regular basis, the organisms will continue to live and replicate.


Instant yeast is the most active form that’s commercially available. This yeast does not require dissolving into a liquid before use. This form of yeast is very shelf-stable and can be stored in a dry, airtight container at room temperature until the expiration date. Instant yeast is also called rapid-rise or bread machine yeast.


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