Sunripe Whole Sweetcorn 340 g

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There are so many ways you can enjoy sweetcorn. Find out some ways below:

  • Beef Up Your Soup! Adding Sunripe sweetcorn to soup, whether it’s chili or chowder, enhances the soup’s hardiness, as well as its nutritional profile.
  • Add a Little Crunch to Your Guacamole. Add cokernels and diced tomatoes to guacamole or salsa
  • Corn in Cornbread? Imagine That! For a little different texture, add it to your cornbread or corn muffins.
  • Relish Your Corn. Serve it as a side dish or salad to your rice, potato, or yam-based meals.
  • Perfect in Dips, Sides, or Toppings! Try our Roasted Corn Salsa. It’s great with low-fat tortilla chips, as a side to grilled meat, or as a topping for your burger.
  • Sauté it in a small amount of oil with green chilis and onions. Served hot, this makes a wonderful side dish.
  • Veer from the Usual Ear. Sprinkle Sunripe sweetcorn  with a little Parmesan cheese or some of your favorite herbs and spices, such as chili powder, parsley, and chives.
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