Similac 1 vs SMA Gold 1

Sma GOLD 1 vs Similac 1: Which is better

Hi hi. My name is Martha, a content curator at AbujaFoodDeliveryMart. I’ve recently mothered a newborn (a foodie 😃)
I started with Similac 1 and later on switched to Sma Gold 1. I’ll like to give my honest review on both brands.

Similac 1

  1. As at Feb 2022 it cost 5,000 naira per can.
  2. It requires more effort to mix well in water (you might need to use a spoon to stir the milk in water before pouring it into a bottle) This is done to reduce gas in your baby’s belly.
  3. Scarce in Abuja. I had to check over 7 shops in one night and drive around town to get this formula at a time. I finally found some cans at the Hmedix Wuse store.
  4. Isn’t sugary ( I licked some of the powder to check)

Sma gold 1

  1. More affordable compared to Similac 1 (it was 3600 but then recently went up to 4000-4200 naira)
  2. More sugary compared to Similac.
  3. Easier to find (available in most supermarkets I walk into)
  4. Easier to dissolve in water (no time to mix with a spoon when my baby is throwing hunger-fueled tantrums.

Point of view: I liked that Similac1 was less sugary but at that point in time Sma gold 1 hit it right with me for the other reasons listed.

Which brand of infant formula have you used for your baby?

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