Use this tip to avoid cooking mushy Nigerian jollof rice.

Do you love jollof rice… Hey you’re not alone.. I mean who doesn’t? but….. I don’t like mushy sticky jollof rice (no please) I’ll prefer that texture when eating banga rice!

If you’ve ever struggled with achieving the right texture when cooking Nigerian jollof rice, I have the perfect solution for you.

Remember that using too many tomatoes in your sauce can be the culprit although that’s not the tip I want to share.

How can you score a 10 for your next jollof rice?

It’s as simple as steaming your jollof rice in meat stock. yes MEAT STOCK (hope you have a number of bowls saved up in the freezer?)

Let’s take this back to the very beginning. I don’t parboil my jollof rice. I found out those women who cook Nigerian party jollof rice on firewood cook it straight and so I followed suit.

When cooking my jollof, I prepare my sauce first, then give the rice a good wash several times.

Next, I pour meat stock to the level of the rice and cook, adding small quantities of water several times until the rice cooks through.

I’m sure you know you’ve got to add your sauce later…(this isn’t a recipe 🧐 so I’ll stop right here)

I’m not a chef or expert but I’m guessing that the fat in the meat stock keeps the grains from sticking together.

Did you get the tip? lol.

Try this and remember to let me know how it turns out. Ciao!

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