How to reduce cost of your grocery shopping in Abuja

Hello! Thank you so much for taking out time to read this post….so I’m here to let you know that the team at AbujaFoodDeliveryMart has introduced a new feature that let’s you save money from grocery shopping in Abuja.

Did you know, when you sign up or register for an account on AbujaFoodDeliveryMart, you’ll get free 100 points which is equivalent to 1,000 naira. You can easily apply these points to your cart when checking out on the website and reduce your shopping costs.

For example, you sign up for an account now and proceed to add some items to your cart and the total amount is 5,000 naira. Your total shopping cost will reduce to 4,000 naira once you apply the free 100 points you get after sign up.

Isn’t this exciting?…. How soon are you signing up?

(I will be sharing pictures that show you how to sign up for a free account on AbujaFoodDeliveryMart in my next post! Until then, please stay safe and take care.

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