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Revamp your pancake recipe now using these 7 kitchen staples

We love pancakes here. If done well they are fluffy and really satisfying. It’s most likely you’ve read one or 2 recipes on how to make the perfect pancakes but there are some unique ingredients that make your next pancake a BANG!

Let’s check them out :

  1. Nutmeg: Sprinkle some Nutmeg into the mix and you’ll love the Nutmeg taste in your next batch.
  2. Salt: Yas! Salt isn’t just for soups and stew hunny. Add a pinch of salt nothing more or you’ll end up with a salty batter.
  3. Chopped onions: Not my cup of tea but it works for some people.
  4. Cinnamon: If you love some CiCicinnamon Sprinkle some in.
  5. Melted butter: Add 2 – 3 spoons of melted butter in your batter. You’re welcome
  6. Vanilla essence: I’m drooling already.
  7. Cayenne pepper: I’ll pass but people totally love it in pancakes..

All 7 items are easy and affordable to get. Which ones are you adding to your next batch?

We promise your pancake will be ‘pancakingly’ yummy😋

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