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Useful Tips For Cleaning and Defrosting Your Freezer

Do you know the importance of defrosting your freezer? Most of us cannot, do without a freezer. How much more warming of food items we will have to do, if not for its timely invention

Well, in this post we will be sharing extremely useful tips for cleaning out your freezer and the financial benefits of doing so. Keep reading to find out.

Some reports have it that you should defrost your freezer twice a year, but we recommend once a month!(as this helps you clean out unnecessary food items that have been stored). However if your freezer isn’t usually iced up due to poor power supply, we recommend once in 2 months for a cleaning.

Are you ready to defrost? Then keep these tips in mind:

  • Ensure you turn off your freezer hours before defrosting, this will help melt the ice. Make sure to leave the freezer door open. You can also put a bowl of warm water inside the freezer to speed up the defrosting process.
Place a bowl of warm water inside freezer to speed up the melting process.
  • Don’t use a knife or sharp object to break the ice, as this can severely damage the interior of your freezer.
Don’t use a knife to break ice from your freezer
  • Ensure to defrost your freezer, when the ice thickness reaches ¼ or ½ inch. Leaving the ice any thicker will mean your freezer is working harder to cool food items, wasting energy and making you spend more on electricity bills.
Defrost your freezer when ice thickness reaches 1/4 or 1/2 inch

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