How To Spot Fake Titus Fish in Abuja

Titus fish also known as Mackerel is an affordable type of fish enjoyed by many Nigerians. It can be boiled or roasted, but I enjoy it fried( just remembered my yummy Titus fish stew or Titus fish pepper soup). Titus fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and is a highly nutritious protein.

There have been reports that another fish entirely different from what we all know as Titus, is been sold as Titus. I have done some research to find out easy ways to spot the fake one.

According to a report from The Guardian Nigeria, it is a bit difficult to identify the fake Titus fish in frozen foods outlets and open markets. This is because it has the same features as the original, in terms of size, color, and texture. It is only after it is cooked and eaten that the difference can be detected. The report also states that the fake fish is tasteless and less nutritious.

But……there is another fish called Kampala that some Nigerian vendors sell off as Titus(such a scam). A twitter thread from Fabwoman.ng, highlights the differences between both of them.

Titus fish vs Kampala

Let’s find out:

1) The Head: Titus has a small head, smaller eyeballs, with a long pointed snout compared to Kampala, which has a bigger head.

2) The Belly: You can use this method to differentiate Titus from Kampala. Turn the fish around to check the for the belly. Titus is clear, pure white and shiny with no spot. On the other hand, Kampala has spots all over it. It is also bigger & longer in length.

3) Line Pattern: The line pattern on the body of Titus is wavy and comes with sharp deep black stripes, while Kampala has pale dotted lines.

In summary

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Fake Titus Fish in Abuja

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