difference between broilers and layers

What is the difference between broilers and layers? Find out here

Do you know the difference between broilers and layers?

Christmas day is only a few weeks away and many families in Abuja and beyond have started making arrangements to buy fresh chickens to keep their mouths moving.

You may be crushing a chicken bone while reading this.🍗😊. Do you know if the chicken meat you’re eating is from a broiler or layer?

Let’s find out. Both types of chickens are typically reared for their meat, while layers are reared for egg production before being sold off as meat.

Broilers are usually softer in texture after cooking, while layers are a bit tougher and take a longer time to cook.

Most broilers are white (not always though), while layers are brown.

Both types of meat are tasty depending on your preference. Can you tell the difference between broilers and layers?

Check out this quick peppered chicken recipe. You can use either any type of chicken.

  1. Boil your chicken with spices and herbs.( curry, maggi, salt, bay leaf, thyme, pepper, garlic powder)
  2. Take out the chicken when it is soft and fry it on low heat
  3. Slice onions and pepper and fry the mixture in a separate pot.
  4. Add the fried chicken to the fried pepper mix and steam for 5 minutes.
  5. Serve with white rice or any dish of your choice.

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