Crayfish 1 Mudu




Fresh Tasty and Clean Crayfish  is often used for seasoning foods in Nigeria. This is because it adds a traditional flavor to foods and is why you will mostly find it in Nigerian Soups, stews and rice meals.

Most Nigerian homes can’t do with these tiny creatures. Fresh Tasty and Clean Crayfish is an affordable tasty condiment that can be used for most Nigerian soups or foods.  One can simply not get enough of the distinct taste it brings to dishes.

From  Ogbono soup to Egusi soup, Vegetable soup and even Jollof rice for our people from the East.

Did you know, areas like Oron in Calabar, have a reputation for producing the tastiest crayfish in Nigeria. Crayfish is affordable and readily available all through the year. Order your crayfish now from AbujaFoodDeliveryMart.


These are some example of foods seasoned with crayfish: Pepper soup, Jollof Rice, Stew, Moi moi, Ogbono soup, Egusi Soup, Vegetable soup, Oha Soup, Afang, Porridge, Beans and many more

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